The Scottish Play for Sock ‘n’ Buskin

Carleton University’s Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company has several wonderful plays under its belt. While I attended, the only play I saw there was The Rocky Horror Show (which was great!). Since then, I’ve gotten to know people involved with several of the shows. The plays chosen for the season are always interesting. Their production of Urinetown last year was a really fun play to watch, and this year’s post-apocalyptic version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth will no doubt be just as inspired.

I was asked to create the letter-sized poster for October’s production of The Scottish Play. Keeping in mind the eerie elements of the play itself, I had the idea of making a crown that looked like a cemetery as the focal illustration. I submitted a quick layout sketch depicting the idea, then when it was approved, got to work on a more detailed sketch. I scanned it in and submitted a layout with text in the font I wanted to use. I inked it using Manga Studio (which is fantastic for inking), painted in the flat colours, then got to work shading and playing with may layer settings, until it had just the right unsettling light.