Subdevision Poster – May 2012


Back in March, I was asked to design a poster for a new theatre event, Subdevision. It was a 3-day event in May full of “devised” theatre – that is, shows designed around the space in which they were performed. This is an established variety of theatre in hubs such as Vancouver, but it was relatively new to Ottawa. 8 of Ottawa’s theatre companies would be participating, creating shows to be performed at St. Paul’s Eastern United Church. The event was described to me as a “theatrical rave.” All shows would begin at 7:30, performed simultaneously within different spaces in the church. The shows would be performed constantly so that audience members could take in all performances. Because this type of theatre is perhaps unfamiliar to the general public, I opted to design a poster that could get across as much information as possible. I focused on the typography and used different layouts and type weights to put emphasis on the most relevant information, as well as the contrasting colours of aqua and red. I’m very happy with the result and the response it received, particularly as I generally create illustration-based posters.