I’ve been submitting designs to my Spoonflower account for a little while now. For the most part, I’m using designs also available at my Cafepress store. Over the holidays, Spoonflower held a fat quarter sale, so I finally ordered samples of my fabrics. Above is the Cutlery fabric, in Upholstery-weight twill. I’ve been yearning to practice my sewing, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create some small bolsters for our counter-height barstools in the kitchen. The upholstery-weight twill feels like a fairly high-quality cloth, and the printed design turned out better than I’d hoped. And now, the seating at out kitchen counter has accessories! My sewing straight seams could still use some practice, however.

Also pictured are test swatches of my I Love Cupcakes design and my Mr. Octopus design. I’m looking forward to exploring more complex repeating pattern options, but in the meantime, I’m very happy with how these fabrics printed out.