Rideau Valley Roller Girls poster

It’s been a solid 2 months of derby-related work for me with the launch of Roller Derby Season. I had the privelege of designing the poster for the Rideau Valley Roller Girls‘ Inner-League Bout, which just took place on May 28th. It was an exciting, no-holds-barred match as the league was mixed up into two teams, white vs. black. The black team took the first half, but in the second half the white team clobbered the competition.

I submitted 3 initial concepts to the league, and when they chose their concept, worked up a cleaner rough. I scanned this and set to inking in Illustrator using the pen tool. The gallery below shows the evolution into the final image. I had initially submitted a final greyscale illustration, using red for the lips and red for the text bars, while my full colour version used a burgundy. The Roller Girls opted to use the red for the bars in the full-colour poster, which I love. I find the little pops of the same red throughout really eye-catching.