Practicing Watercolours in Anguilla

I recently had the good fortune to escape Ottawa’s severe winter to the amazingly beautiful island of Anguilla. It’s a small island in the British West Indies, closest to St. Martin. It’s somewhat remote, as you can get there only by small ferry or chartered plane – there are no cruise ship ports, which keeps the island relatively quiet. It’s flanked on all sides by what are generally agreed to be the most beautiful beaches in the world – after having visited, I have to agree.

Watercolour seemed the most appropriate medium to attempt to capture sand, sea and sky. I’m new to watercolours, so painting these three elements seemed to be a good way to practice basic techniques. The sketches shown here are of the poolside bar at our resort, Paradise Cove, the beach at Meads Bay (this sketch was more about my attempts to get the colour of the water right) and the beach at Prickly Pear Cay, about an hour or so away by boat. There were innumerable beautiful landscapes to take in, but I found it easiest to find the time to paint while on the beach. I’m looking forward to returning and painting more of the scenery.