Mayor’s Christmas Celebration

Mayor's Christmas Celebration

For the second year running, I helped Pukeko Design decorate Aberdeen Pavilion for the Mayor’s Christmas Celebration¬†on December 10th. Last year, I made several signs for the event – some entrances and exits as well as signs for balloon animals, Mrs. Claus, BeaverTails, and the Snack pavilion. This year, I created several more entrance and exit signs and transformed the balloon animal sign into a train for the new train ride. On the day prior, I helped set up the trees, snow on the pavilions and craft stations to create a magical winter wonderland.


I was thrilled to create more of the signs, as I really enjoy working with traditional media. The signs were 8 feet by 2 feet plywood that I prepped by priming them. For the entrance and exit signs, I then taped off a border and painted a coat of dark green acrylic over the surface. When that was dry, I re-taped the sign leaving the border free, and painted 2 coats of gold around the border. I printed out the letters I needed using Harrington in a large point size, cut them out and traced them onto the sign. I first painted the letters with a mixture of light blue and white, then painted over that with a coat of silver. I used foam and wooden snowflakes as stamps and pressed them randomly over the surface of each sign.


For the train sign, I painted over the balloon dog and sketched in a train with charcoal. I then painted it using a variety of reds, greens, black and gold.


The smoke on the train was added at the last minute at the venue, where I also did touch-ups on last year’s signs. It’s always fun to work on city events; I’m thrilled I got the chance to do so again.