Old characters redrawn – Billy

I thought it would be fun to go back through some old artwork from junior high and redraw it, keeping what sticks out about the character in mind. This character's name is Billy, and on the last page is my original, grade 9 artwork for him. He was a member of "Bad World," a safe haven for supervillains to hang out. Alternately, "Good World" also existed, essentially a commune for heroes, so neither had worry of being attacked by the other while they were in this safe community. In theory. Of course, there were all sorts of spies infiltrating the commune of the other.

Each of the Bad World villains had a specific power or a unique M.O. Billy's power comes from his dastardly moustache. Using the moustache, as a basis for the character, I went 2 ways with redrawing him: as a circus strongman whose physical prowess comes directly from the awesome power of his luxuriant moustache, and as a corrupt, elegant sherriff in the Old West, moustache in keeping with the cliche of those villains who tied damsels to railroad tracks.