Mustache Switchplates!

When we moved into our house, we decided to make one of the bathrooms mustache-and-Victorian themed. It’s been slow going dressing it appropriately until recently, when a lot of Victorian-inspired accessories began making their way onto the shelves. The accessory that was lacking, however, was the lightswitch plate. The double-wide switch doesn’t have a wide array of switchplates available, so I grabbed an acrylic one to cover with polymer clay for a mustache-inspired plate. I made one for the outlet as well as one for the lightswitches. I used beige Sculpey and a texture stamp for the base. After the Sculpey was baked, I painted it first with shimmer Mod Podge and then with a platinum metal powder mixed into glossy finish Mod Podge. And now our lightswitches match the rest of the room!