Fancy Invite – Admiral Ackbar

I recently worked on this invitation for a black-tie party. I came across this tutorial a while ago, and since then have been looking for the perfect opportunity to try it. Then, while trying to think of ideas for this invitation, Ryan came across the manipulation of Admiral Ackbar below.


I immediately wanted to turn it into an old-timey illustration. If you follow this blog, you probably know that I have a bit of an aesthetic obsession with fancy mustaches and octopi. While Admiral Ackbar is not an octopus, he seems to be the next logical choice, and appeals to my nerdiness.

I sketched several thumbnails of Admiral Ackbar based on screen captures and other artists’ interpretations, then came up with a sketch I was satisfied with. I scanned it in and inked it in Manga studio, then exported to Photoshop and used the faux-letterpress technique described in the tutorial linked above. If I’d intended it for print, I probably wouldn’t have used the technique, so a web-based invitation was the perfect vehicle for it. I’m very happy with the end result.

Admiral Ackbar (c) Lucasfilm.