Dr. Sketchy’s July – Comic Book Villainy

Dr. Sketchy's July - Comic Book Villainy

While I didn’t make it to many of last year’s Dr. Sketchy’s sessions, I did make it to a few. One of my favourites was July’s Comic Book Villainy, with models Edith Chartier and Jolie Stripes. Edith is an extremely talented costumer and seamstress, and her costumes for this occasion were wonderful. The models dressed as Dark Phoenix and Emma Frost from Marvel, and Catwoman and Poison Ivy from DC. I had been hoping for a comic-themed session for some time, as I love the combination of pin-ups and comics à la Adam Hughes.

This session did not disappoint. The poses were excellent and expressive, and so much fun to draw. Below is a smattering of my drawings from the evening.1-minute 1 1-minute 2 1-minute 3 1-minute 4 1-minute 5 1-minute 6 2 minute 2 2-minunte 3 5 minute 1 10-minute 20-minute phoenix catwoman 20