Dr. Sketchy’s – Barbarella edition

Dr. Sketchy's - Barbarella edition

At the end of January, the monthly edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Ottawa had a Barbarella theme. It’s always fun to draw campy sci-fi vixens, so I packed up my sketchbook and off I went. The talented models – Olexandra Pruchnicky and Ella Modella – did not disappoint. Their costumes were well thought out; their poses dynamic. All in all a pleasure to draw. I opted to begin with gestures in greyscale brush pen, then moved on to conte for the 5 and 10 minute poses. It had been a while since I used conte, and I was a little rusty. To feel more in control of my drawings, I chose to render longer poses in pencil.

both10 ella5 ella10-2 ella10 ella20 gestures1 gestures2 olex5