Dr. Sketchy – From Kiev With Love Edition

Dr. Sketchy - From Kiev With Love Edition

As I go through my sketchbooks, I have been scanning drawings from Dr. Sketchy’s sessions, which generally means I’m scanning in backwards order. These drawings are from the November 2012 session of Dr. Sketchy’s Ottawa, entitled “From Kiev, With Love.” Each of the three models was dressed and made up as a traditional Ukrainian Doll. Models Dee Dee Butters, Olexandra Pruchnicky, and Danniel Oickle put on a great session. Doll makeup done by Dee Dee Butters created a trompe l’oeil effect on each of their faces, and it was a unique challenge to visually discern between the doll features and the underlying facial structure of the model. The costumes were excellent, each piece of drapery creating an interesting silhouette. I used brush pen for my gestures – a practice I’m favouring more and more – and pencil or col-erase for the longer poses.

5 min 12 min olex1 min 21 min 2 min olex 25 min danniel olex110 min Danniel