Don’t Make Me Zealous

I recently had the opportunity to work up a poster for an upcoming Ottawa Fringe show. The show is called “Don’t Make Me Zealous” and is written and directed by Matt Minter. For fear of any spoilers, I won’t say much about the plot save for the show is a comedy that examines our relationship to faith and religion. Erudite Theatre asked for a clean layout with a simple image. After a few rounds of revisions, this is the final poster:

The black lamb began a little differently. One of my very first drafts of the poster had a rough line sketch of a lamb, but the lamb looked a little too innocent and not unimpressed enough. I submitted some more refined roughs of the lamb, with more exaggerated facial expressions. The client chose the first sketch below, and I worked it up in a South Park-inspired style, using Erudite’s colours. Something about the second lamb reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson.

I’m very happy with the sketch the client chose and how it integrates into the poster. Don’t Make Me Zealous will be playing at various times during the Fringe festival; it sounds like a fascinating show and I know I will be going. Comments and critiques regarding my designs are always welcome!